Placement Options

Noll recognizes that every company is different. In order to meet your company’s individual needs, we offer a variety of flexible placement options.

Temporary Placements

This traditional placement option is ideal for companies that need additional assistance with peak times, special projects, temporarily absent staff members, outsourcing a department or function, work requiring an expert, routine tasks, workload fluctuations, start up of a new company or location and meeting deadlines.

Temp-To-Hire Placements

This “working interview” combines the temporary and direct hire options to create a risk-free hiring alternative. Once the pre-determined “temporary” period ends, companies have the freedom and flexibility to choose whether or not they wish to hire the employee directly.

Direct Hire Placements

This placement option is perfect for companies that wish to hire an employee directly to their payroll, but do not have the time or resources to seek out and properly screen applicants themselves. Noll’s enhanced screening process ensures that your perfect hire placement will be exceptionally qualified and a strong fit for your company culture.

SCREENING PROCESS Discover the 15-step process


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