Client Benefits

Noll’s Staffing & Search services can help your company with many client benefits including:

Save Time

Noll has the resources to find top-quality employees in far less time than companies that try to fill positions on their own. Noll’s professional team is constantly working to fill positions so that business leaders can use their time focusing on their business.

Save Money

Noll often covers expenses that companies would otherwise incur-job advertisements, criminal background checks, credit checks, pre-employment drug screen, employee-associated taxes, workers’ compensation insurance and other costs associated with wages and benefits.

Reduce Hassle

Noll does all the legwork for you-placing advertisements, screening resumes, conducting interviews, checking references and much more. Noll does it all so you don’t have to.

Reduce Risk

Noll accepts all risks and liabilities associated with being the employer of record including unemployment claims, workers’ compensation claims and other legal issues.

Acquire the Highest Quality Employees

Noll’s thorough and rigorous evaluation process ensures that only the highest quality employees are presented to our clients.

Fill a Variety of Positions

Noll fills positions in a variety of industries and at all levels, from entry-level employees to senior-level executives and everything in between.

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