Why Use Outplacement Services?

Why Use Outplacement Services? Everyone is affected when an organization is in transition. Managers responsible for termination decisions experience a great deal of anxiety and concern. Displaced employees must come to grips with job loss, an experience that many compare to losing a loved one. Remaining employees, worried that their jobs may be cut next, are forced to pick up the work left behind by those who were terminated. Clients and customers may begin to wonder if their organization is stable. Much of the responsibility rests on the company to get it right and missteps can often make or break the organization.

Noll/OI Partners Outplacement and Career Transition services can help companies:

  • Save money by reducing lawsuits from employees who have lost their jobs
  • Maintain employee morale and productivity by demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being
  • Bolster customer confidence by exhibiting organizational stability
  • Strengthen overall reputation by demonstrating organizational integrity

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