Customizable Programs

Career transition is not a one-size-fits-all process. Organizations, as well as individuals, have unique needs. Our goal is to help you and your employees shape and achieve your specific goals. Noll/OI Partners offers a variety of customizable programs for Outplacement and Career Transition to meet the unique needs of companies and individuals, including:

Individual Outplacement Programs

Individual outplacement programs offer individual attention and guidance to help outplaced employees transition from adjusting to the job loss to thriving in a new position. 

Group Outplacement Programs

Group Outplacement programs offer groups of individuals the opportunity to go through the career transition experience together. By sharing in the Outplacement experience, individuals see that they are not alone.  They have the opportunity to lean on others and engage in meaningful discussion on workshop topics. This emotional support encourages faster individual recovery and transition to a new position.

Senior Executive Career Programs

Our Senior Executive Career programs cater to the special needs of senior-level individuals and are attuned to the unique issues that can arise during the senior-level outplacement process.


With Noll’s co-managed programs, companies and employees can select topics and services on an “a-la carte” basis to design their own unique, customized outplacement program. Noll’s professional consultants can provide guidance as needed to ensure both employee and company needs are being met while staying within the company’s budget.

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