Prospective employees experience high demand among local employers

Midlands Business Journal – Article by Dwain Hebda
August 18, 2017

Prospective employees are finding times are good as the local labor market continues to fall short of demand. Workers with particularly robust credentials can practically write their own ticket, say staffing experts.

“The job market in Omaha is still extremely tight for employers but great for employees,” said Doug Misbach, CEO of Noll Human Resource Services. “The unemployment rate is low and most job seekers are currently working while exploring other opportunities.

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Embrace social media as a tool, say area experts, but be smart about it

Midlands Business Journal – Article by Michael Foutch
June 23, 2017

For businesses looking for a status update on social media policies, area experts recommend balancing employee freedom with protecting the brand.

Social media covers a wide variety of online behavior, including sharing information, posting on sites, chatting, and exchanging gossip, opinions on what’s happening around the world or around the office, said Michelle Petersen, HR Manager at Omaha’s Noll Human Resource Services.
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Peggy Noll Presents “The Fearless Workplace”

October 19, 2015

Peggy Noll was a presenter for the conference: Aging with Passion and Purpose, a conference for administrators, educators and care givers working with the aging population. This session of “The Fearless Workplace” challenges traditional concepts of management and encourages leaders to use courage and consistency in creating work environments that are high in trust and low in fear.

Low Unemployment Rate Demands Staffing Firm, Employer Adaptation

Midlands Business Journal – Article by Michelle Leach
November 27, 2015

A 2.9 percent statewide unemployment rate has created shorter-term opportunities and challenges for employees and employers, with broader, long-term implications.

“I get calls from companies that would love to increase their production or services, but cannot find the people necessary to do the job,” said Nebraska Department of Labor Business Service Representative Debbie Christensen.

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Seeking referrals key among methods for recruiting of new employees

Midlands Business Jourmal – Article by Lori McGinnis Black
May 30, 2014

When looking to hire for your company, ask around.

Referrals are a great way to find new staff members for a company, said Ben Gano, branch manager at Associated Staffing.

Referrals from existing clients are the most effective recruiting tool, said Bernie Inbody, owner of Express Employment Professionals.

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Validation: The Need for Feedback

Noll Note – Article by William T. Noll
March, 2014

When people ask me to explain our analysis process, my high school chemistry class comes to mind. I was fascinated by qualitative analysis, and I remember a particular experiment involving yellow powder. We were given a testing solution and two samples of powder, which looked almost identical, and our assignment was to determine which sample was sulfur and which one was merely colored powder. With the right test, it became very clear which one was sulfur.

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Dress to Impress, even on a budget!

NollJobs – Memo by Ellen Sonnleitner, PHR
February 6, 2014

Confused about how to dress for an interview? For young professionals it can sometimes be tough to understand how to “dress to impress,” but following these tips will surely get you on the right track.

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Approaches to training take into account personalities, generational differences

Midlands Business Journal – Article by Michelle Leach
December 27, 2013

Sea changes like an unprecedented five generations collaborating and potentially clashing in the workplace, are molding how organizations train professionals and refine skills.

“Generation Z, the 18 to 21 year olds, are entering the workforce,” said Liz Hall, executive director of C&A Industries’ training and development, highlighting the other extreme. “You have the ‘traditionals’ – people who are working longer and who are not retiring at 60, 65.”

Traditionals precede boomers, followed by Generation X, Y, and now Z. Diversity is a positive, but Hall noted conflicts arise with nuances like how generations tend to communicate.

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How To Quit Your Job Without Ruining Your Reputation

Omaha World Herald – Article by Barbara Soderlin
October 21, 2013

You’ve fantasized about it — quitting your job in dramatic fashion.

Like the JetBlue flight attendant who told off passengers, grabbed a beer, deployed the emergency chute and slid away.

Like Jennifer Aniston’s waitress character in the film “Office Space,” who gave her boss the finger in front of all the customers at Chotchkie’s.

Like, most recently, Marina Shifrin, the 25-year-old video producer who told her employer “I quit” in a homemade dance video posted on YouTube in September.

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