A manager’s job is to make sure things get done, to make sure projects get completed, deadlines get met and problems get addressed. This is a significant responsibility that may leave little time for employee development.

In partnership with Integrity Solutions®, Noll’s Integrity Coaching service is designed to help managers find a balance between “getting things done” and developing high-performance employees. By learning effective coaching skills, managers can create a positive, challenging environment where employees motivate themselves to continuously perform at higher levels. Additionally, managers can bring employees into alignment with the company’s values, mission and goals.

Coaching not only increases performance and productivity, but it has also been shown to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty—the building blocks for organizational success.

In addition to management training, Noll also provides one-on-one coaching for the development of individual employees. Whether you’re having problems with an employee’s progress or wanting to maximize the contribution of a top performer, Noll’s Integrity Coaching program will ensure your employees receive the professional development and guidance that they need.

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Peggy Noll  // Executive Vice President

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