Professional Uses

Employee Selection

A bad hire is costly in terms of both time and money. One of the professional uses of the Behavioral Profile is for Employee Selection, a key ingredient to keep your business successful.  With Noll’s behavioral testing, you will have more information about a potential employee in advance of hiring, enabling you to make more intelligent hiring decisions. Our behavioral assessments can accurately predict an individual’s future performance in a specific position.

Our research also indicates that there is no direct connection between a person’s basic value system and retention, as self-centered employees will stay as long as it remains a good deal for them.

Employee Development

The usefulness of our behavioral assessment is not limited to finding new employees.  Another professional use is to help better develop the employees that you already have in-house. It can also be used successfully to develop and retain current employees. Interview reports provide information on job-related strengths, as well as areas needing careful management and development. This information enables individuals to express their talents in positions that maximize their satisfaction, productivity and contribution.

Team Development

When working with a team, it is helpful to have developmental appraisals for each of the team members.  Sharing that information between team members helps them know how they can count on each other for their dominant strengths in specific areas. By better understanding the composition of the team and all their talents, the team can be more effective.

Leadership Identification

As with team development, it is critical in leadership identification to know a person’s style. There are many people who are very effective at maintaining, while others enjoy starting and have less interest in finishing. Some gravitate toward very talented people, while others can work with almost anyone.

Strategic Planning

In many cases, we are asked to help organizations with their strategic planning. The best method is to interview all those who will be included in the strategic planning process. Then, with that knowledge, we will be able to better empower the leader with an understanding of who has natural strategic instincts and who may be more cautious when setting the direction or vision for the organization.

In the facilitation work that we do, we look at the history of the organization and suggest a reasonable direction for the future. We feel it is like any other goal-setting process in that it has to be realistic, objective, and include clear timelines. We help the organization identify and build from their strengths while managing around their limitations.

Client Selection Tools

For our clients who are hiring large numbers of specialized and talented individuals, we develop localized, annually validated instruments. We then train the organization’s employees to conduct the interviews in-house after undergoing a required certification process, to teach them how to properly administer the instrument. We license all instruments on an annual basis, and validation is ongoing, to ensure that the tool is accurate and the administrators have received proper training.

Valued Clients

Both small entrepreneurial businesses and large global corporations are using our predictive analysis successfully. This strengthens the process every company must go through to hire the right employees and ensure a “fit” for each position.

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