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Welcome to Noll

At Noll Staffing and Assessment, we’re committed to your success. Helping you succeed, flourish, and move forward in your new position means equipping you with the right resources, finding career opportunities that fit your needs and skillset, giving you the freedom to choose the right position for you, and providing ongoing support in the form of reliable communication and helpful advice.

From the day you begin working with our team, we commit to:

Advertising only real positions that are currently open to the best of our knowledge.

Providing the support of a trained professional who will give you honest feedback on your ability to be placed.

Returning phone calls by the end of the following business day.

Presenting possible positions and assignments honestly and accurately.

Referring you to possible positions for which we believe you’re qualified.

Following up with you within 48 hours of your interview.

Respecting your freedom to determine if a position or assignment is right for you.

Encouraging the use of all resources, including other agencies, to obtain the best possible position.

Questions about Noll and our commitment to you? Contact us today to connect with your Noll recruiter.

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Your relationship with Noll

First, meet your professional recruiter

Your Noll recruiter is an important liaison between you and the companies to which you are assigned. While on assignment, you are a Noll employee, and your recruiter will act as your staffing manager – keeping you informed of schedules and the duration of each assignment, and helping you resolve any work issues that may come up. It’s vital that you keep in touch with your recruiter by letting them know when you’re available for work, returning to an assignment, or if you have any problems or questions.

Need to talk with your recruiter? You can reach him or her at 402-334-9200 between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you call outside of office hours, leave a voicemail, and your recruiter will call you back the following business day.

Accepting assignments: Everything you need to know

Your recruiter will be the contact who will give you brief descriptions of your work options, at which point you can let them know if you accept or reject the assignment. The choice is yours. If you accept, your recruiter will provide necessary information, including the location, time, to whom you should report, and any other special instructions. Please plan on being 15 minutes early to each assignment.

Our Employee Commitment and Expectations

Whether your position is temporary or temp-to-hire, you’ll be working on-site with client companies. For that reason, we have clear expectations for our employees when it comes to professional demeanor and behavior.

Employee Expectations

It is expected that all Noll employees will:

  • Present a positive appearance in accord with the client’s standards
  • Work with a high level of ethical and honest behavior
  • Perform the job as instructed and effectively use skills
  • Act in the best interest of the company and its clients
  • Maintain confidentiality on all known client information
  • Respect an alcohol-free and drug-free workplace. If a prescribed medication is taken that might affect job performance, discuss the situation immediately with your staffing manager. Suspicion of drug or alcohol use on the job will result in an immediate drug test.
  • Remember that all workplace communications, such as email, are not private and should be appropriate for the workplace


When you commit to a temporary or temp-to-hire position, you are committing to be at work every workday. Clients may request that we end the assignment of employees who cannot be at work, even for extenuating circumstances such as sickness, car problems and other issues. A doctor’s note is required after missing 3 days in a row. A no call/no show occurs if an absent employee fails to properly notify their assigned location as well as Noll management. If the absent employee fails to notify, communicate, or respond to Noll management within 24 hours, this will be accepted as a voluntary resignation.


These guidelines are examples of situations that are considered misconduct and will require corrective action that may include termination of employment. They are not inclusive.

  • Not showing up for work and not calling the staffing manager.
  • Excessive absences/tardiness (1 day absent for every 60 days of employment is considered excessive).
  • Leaving the worksite without permission.
  • False or misleading information on time slip.
  • Uncooperative, belligerent, or other disruptive attitude.
  • Insubordination – not following supervisor’s instructions or rules.
  • Violating client company policies and regulations.
  • Disorderly conduct or horseplay in the work area.
  • Violation of safety rules or unsafe work habits.
  • Intentional time-wasting: excessive chatting, sleeping, loitering, personal emails or phone calls, or unauthorized use of Internet.
  • Foul language.
  • Comments, gestures, and other actions described as sexual harassment.
  • Selling, soliciting or collecting contributions.
  • Gambling of any type.
  • Fighting, threatening, intimidating or harassing.
  • Impairment or intoxication by alcohol or chemical substance while at work.
  • Possession of firearms, weapons or explosives at worksite.

Absences and Availability

Call us at 402-334-9200 or email your Noll recruiter, not the client company, if for any reason you cannot report to work at your scheduled time. We ask to be informed of absences two hours prior to your start time. If you must end your employment, please communicate with your staffing manager as soon as possible.

It is your responsibility to inform us when you are available for work or when your assignment is completed.


You are responsible to respond to your recruiter, or staffing manager withing 24 hours or 1 business day.  You can communicate with your recruiter, or staffing manager by phone, email, or text.  If a Noll recruiter, or staffing manager is contacting you, it is critical that you respond, as this is in regards to your employment.

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Work Options

Noll employees have multiple options when it comes to the type of positions they accept. You’ll work with your recruiter to assess your needs and qualifications and choose the right work option for you.


Temporary assignments enable you to work for Noll at a variety of organizations. We have opportunities available that accommodate various time schedules, durations, and locations.


In a flexible temp-to-hire plan, both clients and employees contract with NOLL. If you are placed in a temp-to-hire assignment, you are retained on the NOLL payroll for a predetermined time period, after which you are eligible to become employed by the client. This work situation allows you to “try out the client company” before becoming a regular employee.

Direct Hire

In a direct hire arrangement, our Recruiters evaluate your skills and employment preferences and arrange interviews for you with clients offering specific career opportunities on a regular employment basis.

Getting Paid

Getting the income you’ve earned is important. It’s helpful to understand our pay period, payroll process, how to report an absence and more in order to ensure the most efficient payment process.

Noll Portal for Online paystubs

Please utilize the following Noll Portal link to access your paystubs:

To login initially, your recruiter will send you a link upon your first day of work.  You will create a password and use that moving forward.  When you log in, on the left side select “Pay History.”  Make sure to select the correct date range.  Then select “View” and you will be able to download and view your paystubs.

Access Noll Portal

Pay Period

Your Noll recruiter will communicate your pay period week to you prior to assignment.  You will be paid each Friday. Pay is available through direct deposit to afford you the fastest availability. If you choose paper checks, these are mailed via USPS. We cannot guarantee you will receive them by Friday each week.

Clocking In and Clocking Out

Your Noll recruiter will inform and instruct you on how to clock in and clock out of work for each day worked.  Many clients use their own time keeping systems, however many also use paper time cards from Noll.  You will be told this upon hire for a specific client and role.  Look below for how to use the Noll timecards.

If you use a Noll timecard, we ask you to do the following in order to get paid accurately and on time:

  • Turn in one time slip per client per week. You can download and print additional timecards from
  • Fill out completely–include client name, days and hours worked (less lunchtime).
  • Fill in total hours worked. Round your hours to the nearest quarter hour.
  • Print and sign your full name.
  • Record the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Obtain your supervisor’s signature. Noll cannot pay you without this signature.
  • Submit your time slip to Noll no later than 10 a.m. on Monday following the week worked. You may e-mail your time slip to your recruiter or leave it in the drop box in the Noll building garage near the interior door.

You will be paid on a weekly basis each Friday for the previous week’s work.

Hourly Pay

Employee wages vary from job to job. Keep in mind that you are paid for actual hours worked, employee payroll taxes are deducted from your check, and employer taxes, workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance are paid by NOLL.

Payroll Changes

To help us process your pay accurately, please notify your Noll recruiter of any changes in name, address, phone number, banking information, or  email. Making changes to your tax withholding documents is simple, please contact your recruiter to update these documents. Year end tax documents are mailed.  It is your responsibility to provide Noll your most up to date address.

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Your Referral Bonus:

Get $100 for referring a new employee to Noll

When you refer a new candidate to Noll and they work just 80 hours, you will receive a $100 referral bonus! Just make sure they notify us during their interview that you referred them!

Have you already referred an employee to Noll? Fill out our Referral Bonus Form today.

Referral Bonus Form

Noll Employee Benefits

Paid Holidays

Holiday pay is available after six months and 1,040 regular hours of continuous full-time employment. Continuous employment is defined as an assigned associate who has averaged 30 hours per week for at least the past 26 weeks prior to the holiday. The scheduled days before and after the holiday must be worked. Additionally, the day on which the holiday falls must be part of your normal work schedule.

Holidays paid are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Paid Time Off

Vacation pay is available after one year and 2,080 regular hours of continuous full-time employment. You will be notified of eligibility for benefits and specific details as they apply.

Noll offers all employees a health insurance policy in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, according to ACA eligibility. Under the Affordable Care Act, there are two categories of employee positions that determine when health insurance coverage is offered:

  • Variable Hour Positions: These are positions that generally do not last more than 90 days; are seasonal in nature; assignments that can be started/ ended/started; you may choose to reject some assignments and accept some assignments; and hours may be reduced due to fluctuating workloads. You are eligible for health insurance at Noll in these positions after you have worked 12 months and have accumulated 1560 hours in those 12 months.
  • Non-Variable Hour Positions: Non-variable hour positions are positions that are full-time (30 hours or more a week or 130 hours or more a month) and ongoing without gaps in assignments. Insurance is offered to employees in these positions after 90 calendar days of employment if they are going to continue in the assignment.

For your health insurance planning purposes:

  • Most positions at Noll are variable hour positions or non-variable hour positions that are under 90-day assignments (mostly temp-to-hires).
  • There will be times when under 90-day assignments extend over 90 days and you will be offered health insurance coverage.
  • There will be times when variable hour positions extend past 12 months, and you will be offered health insurance coverage.

For more information on health insurance plans, parameters and costs, contact your Noll recruiter today at 402-334-9200.

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We offer access to helpful articles and resources you can utilize when applying for your next job through Noll.

  • Find helpful tips for proper interview attire
  • Get interview tips that will help boost your confidence and your chances of getting the job you want
Read Our Tips

If you’re injured on the job

In case of injury, notify the person you report to and call us immediately. We will assist you in getting the proper care.

You can reach your recruiter at 402.334.9200. Noll office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Voicemail is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • If the injury occurs after our regular office hours, and is an emergency, go to the nearest walk-in clinic or emergency room, and contact Noll immediately the next day.
  • If the injury is after normal office hours and is NOT an emergency, call Noll the next morning, and your supervisor will assist with medical care.
  • If there are any unsafe or injurious situations in your workplace, please notify us immediately.

EEO Statement

Noll Staffing and Assessment complies with all state and Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Laws.

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