Thanks for taking care of me. You guys are definitely the HR company I will recommend to family and friends.       

- Rhonda D., Banking Industry Client

       I'm happy that I chose your company to help me. I look forward to working with you for the next few months. I pray that you will bless others like you have blessed me. Thank you again so very much for all you have done for me.       

- Jackie J., Finance Candidate

       I absolutely LOVE working with Noll Human Resources!! They are just so pleasant to work with and so professional! Noll HR is now the ONLY place I will work with because they are so professional and are so quick to call back with a great opportunity.       

- Brittany G., Administrative Candidate

       Thank you so much for all of your help! You have no idea what a perfect match she is for this positions and our organization, EXACTLY what I was looking for and words cannot express my gratitude for the weight that will soon be lifted off my shoulders!       

- Michelle H., Manufacturing Client

       If you are having a difficult time finding the job you were meant to have, you definitely need to contact Noll Human Resource Services! Everyone at Noll that I have encountered have been so extremely helpful, considerate, and nice to work with. Call them today! You won’t regret it!       

- Missy A., Accounting Candidate

       My first week couldn't have gone any better! [Client] is a great company and I’m excited to be a part of it. I know I've said it a lot, but I seriously can’t thank you enough – if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here!!       

- Elizabeth G., Clerical Candidate

       There has been times in the past that I have worked for other staffing services and I can honestly say that I have the highest regard for you. Wandering into your doors one Saturday morning turned out to be quite a positive experience. You do more good for the Omaha community than probably most people know.       

- Lee R, Warehouse Candidate

       I'm so grateful to have a job that I enjoy doing every day, and some of the best coworkers you could ask for. Thank you so much for all of your help.       

- Demi G., Science Candidate

       I passed the last hurdle this week with [large corporation] and am scheduled to start on Monday.  Thank you for the help in preparing for the job search. I really appreciated meeting and working with you and I believe you did have a positive impact on my finding a job.       

- Steven A., Career Transition Candidate

       Thank you so much for everything you did for me to find this position!  It truly is a perfect fit for me, and I appreciate the help Noll gave me in finding it. I always tell EVERYONE I know that Noll is the best, and if they are looking for temp/permanent work, to call YOU!       

- Barbara D., Clerical Candidate

       Noll is absolutely up front and in first place when we need additional assistance. You were the best and the staff members you gave us were outstanding!  That is something you (we) just don’t forget!       

- Diane G., Insurance Client

       When I started applying for graduate schools, I was grateful for your assistance helping me find work. Multiple assignments and an MBA later, I am in debt to you and Noll for your high professionalism, compassion and friendliness. The communication I have had with everyone at Noll has truly left me with an admiration for your organization and everything you do. I am anxious about the future and finally achieving my professional goals, but I know if I can show a fraction of the abilities of the staff at Noll, I will succeed. Thank you again everything.       

- Wade P., Business Candidate

       I am so thankful for your kindness and assistance in my career search. I appreciate you and your hard work so incredibly much! It is because of you that I have found myself in an amazing place with amazing people!       

- Chrisane J., Human Resource Candidate

       [Candidate] is doing an amazing job! It is hard to believe she has only been working here 8 days, as she has taken ownership for the position. I hope she is feeling as good about the position as I am about her doing the job.       

- Amy C., Food Service Industry Client

       I would rate [candidate]’s performance as excellent; she works very well with our customers and is great with follow through for several of our clients. It’s been a pleasure working with you and we certainly appreciate the time you take to send over valuable candidates that allow them to grow professionally and contribute towards this constantly evolving company!       

- Karen G., Customer Service Client

       I thought the entire process of working with you and your team was nothing short of professional and very informative regarding my position. I knew what I was getting into.       

- Andy J., Science Candidate

       Thank you for all of your assistance with placing me at [client]. I have learned so much the last three months I have been working here and look forward to learning more. Everyone that I came in contact with at Noll was very helpful and encouraging.       

- Kesha P., Health Care Candidate

       I have worked with many recruiters. Doug is different than the recruiters that I have worked with in the past. Doug took the time to dig deep and really listened when I explained the perfect candidate. This led to a much shorter hiring timeline and superstar new hires.       

- Julie K., eCommerce Client

       Noll has sourced some of our best staff. They have a strong focus on understanding what makes a staff member successful in our company. I can recommend them to anyone looking for assistance with staffing and recruiting.       

- John P., Customer Service Client