A History of Excellence

Noll Human Resource Services was founded in 1976 as a Behavioral Profiling and Management Consulting company. The company’s main focus was helping businesses select the best employees from groups of potential job candidates. Through the use of Noll’s Behavioral Profiling service, companies were able to predict a candidate’s future job success by analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, habits, and tendencies.

Noll soon realized that companies also needed assistance finding these potential job candidates. So in 1987, Noll Human Resource Services expanded to include Direct-Hire Placement services. In the ‘90s, Noll saw the employment tides beginning to shift . More and more companies were opting to hire temporary employees to fulfill their business needs. In 1994, the company once again expanded, adding Temporary Staffing services to its repertoire. In 1999, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce named Noll Human Resource Services one of Omaha’s Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies.

This recognition proved to be true, as Noll added two new services over the course of the next decade. In 2009, Noll Human Resource Services began offering Outplacement and Career Transition services to assist people who had been laid off with the process of finding a new job. In 2011, Noll added Coaching services to assist with the professional development of managers and employees. In recognition of Noll’s sustained performance for over 30 years, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce recognized the company, naming Noll “Small Business of the Month” in February 2009.

Noll Human Resource Services has grown from a small employee selection consulting company into a full‐service human resources firm. Noll is able to assist companies through every stage of the employment cycle—from the initial search and selection process, to employee coaching and management, to assisting with employee outplacement.

Through it all, the company’s dedication to excellence, trust, and accountability has remained. Noll’s professional consultants adhere to the highest standards of conduct in order to provide their clients with a positive human experience. They are dedicated to building strong partnerships by constantly seeking win-win solutions. It’s this dedication to people that has made Noll Human Resource Services a success since 1976.

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